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Monday, May 10, 2004

May 9th.. Mommy's Day.

Well.. The day began quiet. Both boys slept till 9... Nana came and picked up Korbin a little after 11. The day was mine with Karston... Dressed we got. Out we headed.
Off to do a little window shopping and then to catch the end of the swap meet. I was in search of some plants.. Or whatever I might be able to fit in the bottom of the stroller. We walked around for nearly 2 hours.. I passed these 2 hanging baskets twice. The seller fast asleep, I continued on. Later, returning back to the same spot, I offered, bartered and walked away with my two (nearly 8lb) babies on the back of the stroller. Back we hiked to the truck, and off we drove home.
Karston down for a nap, and me outside to rearrange plants for the next 45 minutes.
Hubby home. Out we go to the beach. Long walk, saw people, ocean, a train pass, more people... off to pick up Korbin.
Get to Nana and Popa's house, Korbin too busy playing to notice us. We chowed down the food we picked up, fed Karston, packed up boys, off home.
Karston into bed. Korbin off to bed. Hubby asleep infront of tv now.
Me.. Back outside to move more plants.. Of course. Decisions.

Now.. after midnight, Hubby and boys all fast asleep. Me... finishing my capp. and maybe some paperwork.. nah.. sort pics.. maybe.. then bed.

*sigh*.... I love the silence at night. :)